Friday, January 4, 2013

The Guilt Trip Review

The Guilt Trip Review
Christmas Day, I went to go see, The Guilt Trip, with my mother. From the very beginning of movie, my mother and I LOVED IT! It was so funny! Perfect family humor. At a couple of times it was a bit PG-13, but nothing over the top. It was such a amazing comedy. It was about a grown man, Andy, and his mother, Joyce, going on a road trip to try and sell his "Scioclean" A cleaning product that is all natural. On the trip Andy and his mother, Joyce, face multiple disagreements throughout the drive. Like every mother and son, you will have some rough times. But, you will always love each other. Andy and his mother, reconnect through this heart felt, laugh out loud, best road trip of the year, movie.
P.S. When I went to see it with my mom, we saw my cousins and their family, they were seeing it too! 

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